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Universal format for camera firmware#13

Try to convince the big manufacturers (inuding micro-4/3!) to offer it as a storage format in their firmware, and find a way for both of you to profit from it so us users can benefit from it becoming a standard. Then you can get the editor coders to buy into the ecosystems and milk it from that angle, still benefitting the end user. Consider how Adobe evolved its PostScript printer language into the “free” PDF that has become a worldwide standard that has lasted for decades, yet they still make money from it.

David H in Seattle
9 months ago

While I would support this, it’s unlikely to happen. It’s still based on DNG, a “standard” most camera manufacturers have not adopted after 15 years of being available. One reason being, DNG basically brings every camera output to the same generic level. All those camera-specific nuances that manufacturers spent years and decades to perfect to make their image unique, is lost with DNG.

Unless the .photon converter becomes a runaway success where literally everyone converts to DNG, I don’t see manufacturers ever change their approach.

9 months ago